Billi Thanner

lives and works in Vienna (AT)
"Am I an actionist? Yes, I sold art in the bedroom." Women working as CEOs, bank directors, models or sculptors are telling in fictional portraits about their work, society and how it is being a woman, in other words; the art of being a woman in the modern world. Strong tableaus of women and drawn narrartives around the theme feminity define Billi Thanner's artistic work. At first glance they seem like anachronistic advertisments and a bow to the archetypes od the consumer world, when the modern houswife confidently presents new kitchen aids. However behind half-naked pin-upgirls and the aestethic from comercial ad banners for commonplace items conceals her subversive annotation, irony and especially the ease of her self-concept as an actionistic artist. My life my way - chants not only a tattoo on the artist's upper arm , but her sunjects also reflect this as a portrayal of herself. As another form verre églomisé, the artist shows photorealistic, but unconventional motifs in her specific painting technique on technical soft foil. 
Billi Thanner counts herself among the protaginsts of a new generation of contemporary timely Actioniscm, Neo-Actionism or Inter-Actionism. The appeal lies inside the freedom to command one own's actions as an artist, to push over the boundaries without getting admitted or arrested. 
“As an artist, I am attracted by the freedom to in Actionism, to be able to decide : I am going through with this. You wont’t be imprisoned for it, but it will be declared as art. This form of freedom you can’t find in any other profession." 
Here the presence and tradition of Viennese Actionism mixes with Billi Thanner's humor, which is also rich in tradition and anchored even further east. The interaction with the audience is an essential part of this. "As an artist you don't have to die first to earn money.”
Text: Brigitte Swoboda